New law allows bicyclists to sometimes run red lights

August 21, 2009

This was originally printed in the Kansas City Star, I’m just noting it here:

  1. For my own archive, and
  2. For my family members to see, some of whom are avid bicyclists

Ride safe, mis familias!

New law allows motorcycles, bikes to sometimes run red lights

The red light will soon be streaked with shades of gray.

For most of us behind the wheel, red means stop. But if you’re riding a motorcycle or a bicycle in Missouri, it will mean stop, but only sort of.

A new Missouri law that takes effect Aug. 28 allows motorcycle and bike riders to run red lights but only if they stop first and the signal remains red for an “unreasonable time.”

Missouri will be one of eight states that have similar laws, which are intended to address occasions when motorcycles or bikes aren’t detected by traffic signal sensors in the road.

When that happens, the rider sits at an intersection when no cross traffic is coming.

“It’s very annoying, especially at this time of year when it’s getting hot and you’re sitting and you’re sitting there and you’re sitting there,” said motorcycle rider Alan Greer of Johnson County, Mo. “One minute can feel like an eternity.”

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