I haven’t blogged much in a while, so enjoy this wall of textual updates about everything that has been going on the last few months.


A Net By Any Other Name

January 24, 2014

I live and die by my calendar, and yesterday I looked at this weekend and discovered that I have just a few hours free on Saturday during which I can rest and relax. The semester has started out pretty well, but I’m busier than ever. What is interesting is that all of these things I’m […]


Winter 2009 Newsletter

December 24, 2009

The Winter 2009 newsletter includes updates about my recent vacation, delays with my degree, a short story, and lots of pictures.


What I'm working on

November 27, 2009

Sometimes it helps me to list out what I’m working on, not just to let people know but to give myself some direction and motivation. It all seems a little more real when I put these goals down in type.

These are the things I’m actually working on, not just the things I want to work on. I’ve also got a few other ideas and projects percolating, but those are less concrete and not being actively written/developed.


Clavicle Update

June 8, 2009

First, it’s not a clavix. My mistake.

Second, we have met with our local doctor, which was much more fruitful. He gauged my movement, showed me a stretching exercise I should do, and made me an appointment with an orthopedic specialist on Friday. They will be the one to decide if I need surgery or not.

I’m not taking any pain meds, other than the occasional ibuprofen, and am generally in very little pain. The first afternoon/evening was pretty hard, but that can partially be attributed to the concussion, shock, and dehydration. Sleeping at night isn’t particularly comfortable, but it’s manageable. I have discovered that my SumoSac is perhaps the most wonderful piece of furniture ever.


Update your feed

March 13, 2009

FeedBurner was purchased by Google some time ago, which was comforting news to those of us using FeedBurner for our RSS feeds. When you rely on a third party to handle part of your site or business, there’s always the risk that they’ll go out of business and leave you in a lurch, but that’s […]


Twitter as RSS

December 15, 2008

Use Twitter as RSS for your site or life, but if you want to keep people reading it, stay consistent.


If you pay attention to your WordPress Dashboard (I notice mine every 2-3 days), you might have seen that version 1.3 of Carrington has been released. Carrington is the theme I use for SilverPen Publishing, but it’s more than a theme: Carrington is a unique shift in theme framework development and finds itself in a […]


I know that I haven’t gotten any stories done, but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to read at SilverPen Pub. If you’re looking for some books to check out from your local library, you could do worse than investigating the DragonLance Saga. I had two reviews go live this week, first on book 3 […]