What about She-Ra? Was She-Ra gay?

Is She-Ra even a recognizable character?

So, my 22nd birthday was last Sunday, and one of my gifts from April was a book I’ve been wanting to read. It’s by a Canadian author through an independent publisher, and due to the content, there’s no chance of getting it in the library. Nevertheless, it was intriguing and challenging, and I heartily enjoyed it. Not really my kind of book, but I’ll probably read it again. Joey Comeau is a great writer, and Lockpick Pornography is worth it. Now I need to acquire It’s Too Late To Say I’m Sorry (by the same author); it’s a collection of short stories, and I think you can read all of them on the web site, which I highly respect. Definitely going to have to purchase that someday soon.

Brenda and Ryan are awesome. Nothing more needs to be said other than that. Thanks you two.

Speaking of Brenda, she pretty much has the job of Technical Trainer here at Missouri State. We’re still waiting for the background check to come back in (sheesh, they take forever!), and then she has to get a physical, but provided she has committed no felonies and doesn’t have tuberculosis and isn’t going to die of a heart attack in a month, we should be good to go. This means I get to work with Brenda, which is all kinds of cool, and it also means that my schedule eases up somewhat, which is nice. Plus, Kevin (one of my bosses) will have about 20 hours of his week returned to him, so he can do his own job a bit better and stop doing the Technical Trainer’s job as much.

And speaking of Technical Trainer, I had our informational newsletter, Computing@MissouriState, printed on fine paper by CopyThis earlier this week. It is beautimous. Seriously, once you get it on the right paper with the printing-shop printers and the correct-coloured inks… zomg. It was fantastic. I can’t wait to get it printed and distributed to everyone.

April’s out of town this weekend, so I intend to get some cleaning done and play a lot of WoW. I’ll probably also be able to get some work done on the new FnC website that Ryan and I are working on together. As for today, maybe I’ll give blood this afternoon after April and I meet with the caterers. I was informed that cake would not be present at this meeting, which was disappointing, but I shall somehow press on.

Sometimes, I think I’m super-busy… and I am, in some respects. My day yesterday started when I got up at 7 AM and I wasn’t home and done until 10 PM. That’s pretty standard for me Monday through Wednesday. But right now, I just feel great (despite feeling like I got punched in the neck; I wonder if I’m getting sick. It’s not a scratchy, coughy feeling, just feels like I got punched right in the lymph node), and not overwhelmed or stressed or busy. My office is clean, I cleaned the Technical Trainer office, and my desk is more ergonomically pleasing. My apartment will be cleaned this week and re-arranged a bit, and things aren’t quite as dour financially as I had been afraid. Life is fantastic, and it’s impossible not to recognize God’s blessings. Praise Him, through whom all things flow.

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