I dreamed there was no lag, and you were there

I have a new phone and a new phone service, AT&T, but my number is the same. April is now on my cell phone plan and has a new number, so just ask if you need hers. Turns out most of my friends and family have AT&T, and I want to call everyone now simply because it’s free. The lack of limitations makes me want to talk more.

I want to be artsy and poetic, reminiscing about the day and the past, about autumn and new friendships while alluding to the spring and the death of relationships as people move on. Is it weird that I have such an academic view of time? The fall brings new people as all the trees wither, while the spring robs them away and the trees sprout forth to dance. I want to write and cuddle on my couch and sing soft words to you. I want to have the time to be myself again.

Wore jeans, boots, and a t-shirt last Monday evening for the first time in weeks. It was glorious.

I’m a user support specialist at the university, and an undergrad in religious studies, and also an intern for the college ministry at First & Calvary. These titles have come to define me. I don’t remember when I stopped being “Matthew” and started being a guy with titles. When I lost that awkward kid who always sat alone and became a leader. I’m not sure when I became the one I used to look up to, to whom I never thought I could talk; they were so distant, so important. I don’t want to be that guy.

Can I be both? It’s hard to fit it all in 24 hours.

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