You don’t think I’d run around creedless, do you?

I have a purchase to pick up at the Gamestop on south Glenstone (near Barnes & Noble) tomorrow. I’m kind of anxious for its arrival but don’t have a way to get there right after work (4:30ish or 5 p.m.), so if anyone is interested in roadtripping with me down to the Battlefield Mall area, let me know.

It is becoming apparent by the junk mail I’m receiving that Christmas is approaching. I haven’t given much credence to the holiday in recent years (like the last 8-9), but I’m honestly excited about this one. It should be relaxing, April will be here, we’re getting married ELEVEN DAYS LATER, and there are actually things I can honestly say I would like to receive as gifts. In previous yearen, when prompted by my parents, I would throw some stuff on an Amazon Wishlist to make them happy (read to get them to stop bugging me about gift ideas), but there wasn’t much I really wanted. I suppose this year I am returning to my youth, as my wishlist is comprised exclusively of games. It’s kind of cool, in a gamer-geek pseudo-ten-year-old sort of way.

For the wealthy or parental figures reading

  1. Mass Effect
  2. Guitar Hero II
  3. World Peace? (for XBox 360)

Part of me wishes there was something else on this list, but I feel like all the other stuff I want is already listed in our wedding registries.

If you don’t read webcomics, you should totally start right now, today.

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