I’d like to colour code my entire life

I’ve invested some time today creating a pretty comprehensive monthly finance table. It presents hypothetical expenses for next year (after I get married), breaks down exactly how much we make, where it comes from, and where it’s going, and is colour coded to explain what is tax sheltered, what is a debit, and which columns are credits. There’s also a percent row that highlights how much of our income we’re spending on certain things (like 15.51% for rent, 16.93% for insurance, or 20.47% for taxes). The numbers will change a couple of times next year, of course, and the table will become more accurate as I obtain more data, but it gives me a pretty good idea right now, which is nice.

I tend to feel that, if I can just chart my life a bit more, it’ll all work out even more smoothly. If I sit down and budget everything out, I’ll have a bit more security. And to some extent, I think that’s true; knowing how much I have to spend and putting everything into line items means I won’t overspend and put us in a financially untenable position. As Brian observed last Sunday, though, we need to recognize where true security comes from, and that is God. He provided my job, He provides for all our needs, and my bank account is not the final word on my life.

A table won’t keep the darkness away, and no amount of colour coding will stave off the night. I’ll still keep doing it for practical reasons, but I must keep my focus correct. I can only do so much–the table can only take me so far–and God will catch me when I fall.

What colour should I put in the key for Jesus the Christ?

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