Google is ruining everything!

Cyber-stalking would be a lot easier if my old/ex-friends were less reclusive or prone to move to other land masses.

I’ve only got one left to find, and no one has mentioned having heard from her since high school. It’s kind of weird how she appears to have just fallen off the face of the earth, but some people do that I suppose.

I know, it’s probably not kosher that I try to find people online, particularly if they have tried to distance themselves from me in the past (which only applies to two of them >_> ), but I have trouble keeping myself from thinking, or worrying, about people I love. Even if these individuals have pushed me away, even hurt me deeply in years past, I can’t stop caring about them, and I want to know that they’re OK, that they’re doing well. It’s nice to see that they’ve gotten on alright, are teaching or studying or working at whatever, are married or maybe have kids or, at the very least, aren’t homeless. When I can find nothing, that’s when I worry.

So I’ll keep on praying. I’d like to ask around a bit more than I have, but it’s hard to broach such topics. “Hey, remember so-and-so from five years ago? Whatever happened to them? Oh, why do I want to know? Just curious…”

It sounds more creepy in my head, I swear.

P.S. Have you noticed how often I have to employ the “retrospection” tag? I’m beginning to wonder if it’s unhealthy.

P.P.S. I originally wrote this blog entry on an iMac in Safari. Some observations from this experience:

  1. My site looks horrible in Safari. To my Appleified patrons, I apologize. Freaking get Firefox.
  2. Safari apparently doesn’t handle rich text editors. I suppose I already knew this, and part of me respects Apple’s design philosophy, but it still annoys me.

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