What a merry melody

Ryan North over at Qwantz has discovered the original inspiration for the theme song of Futurama, which it turns out is drawn from a late 1960s song. If you’re into such things, you should check it out.

And I swear I just heard a part of the Merry Melodies theme song on Pandora (the song was titled Tiger Rag by Django Reinhardt). So many wonderful classics.

Today is cold and beautiful; last night it smelled like winter. This is my favourite time of year, but it has been teasing me lately. When I left for church yesterday, it was overcast but felt like a balmy 70 degrees. I was astounded and decided to wear nothing but a t-shirt because it was so freakishly warm. A mere hour later, as we mortals measure them, I was shocked again by high winds, a temperature of probably around 40, and cold, misty rain. What the heck, Missouri? Get your act together.

In more unrelated, random news, I am learning how to play guitar and subsequently have a blister on my thumb the size of a billion angels dancing on an enormous pin head. I’d originally thought it was in a spot I didn’t use for anything else. The space bar has proven me incorrect. Tappita-tappita-argh.

Tomorrow night is the last FnC of the semester. You should come, if you like. And if you’re interested in such things, there’s an article on our blog regarding the use of the word “war” in our culture, particularly as it relates to the Church. Maybe you could read it? Leave a comment if you do!

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