Christmas Vacation

I am so anxious to go home tonight and play some TF2 prior to the tree-decorating party at the church… not that I really want to go to this shindig, but maybe I can get my name on the bill as a judge or something.

I’ve disliked Christmas decorating since I was about 10 and it became my “job” to do all of the decorating for my family. My dad didn’t want to help and my mom started delegating more, so I had to haul all the boxes in from the shop, hang all the stuff up, get up on the roof to put up lights, etc. Even after my parents divorced, we still had to put up decorations (for my sake, right?), but by “we” I mean that my mom would tell me what to do and I grudgingly hung stockings and wreathes and the like.

When I have kids, I’ll gladly decorate, because I’ll be doing it with them and they’ll delight in the process. It was palatable this year because April enjoys it so much, but tonight’s festivities–a tree decorating and bad sweater contest–at the church aren’t interesting to me at all.

We had a Christmas luncheon at work today. I wish my glass had held scotch instead of tea, but it was a pleasant lunch all-in-all. I’ve not had much interaction with Jeff (who is my boss’s boss), but he seems like a pretty pleasant guy. He and Kevin kept telling stories of years past and the theme centered around gambling, with which I don’t have a whole lot of experience, but it as enjoyable. Vacation starts on Friday after work, and I’m really looking forward to it. Some time to play games and write, relax before the wedding… we’re hosting April’s parents and siblings for Christmas, then traveling with them for Amanda’s wedding, and then back to Springfield by New Year’s Eve. A couple more days on vacation, back to work for three days, then a wedding and a week in Chicago for the honeymoon. It should be splendiferous.

Silly spellchecker, splendiferous is totally a word.

What’s everyone else doing for their holidays this year?

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