Target breeds hate*

I’d like to make you all aware that Target has the most retarded return policy. Ever. As one might expect, we received a lot of gifts at our wedding that we neither asked for nor desired. We still appreciate these gifts, and we love and value those who gave them to us, but we have very little space in our apartment and desired to return a number of them. Please don’t tell me you are shocked by this, because I would be forced to call you a loon. So, we sort through everything, catalog the gifts, load the backseat of the car, and head to Target only to discover that they require a gift receipt with all returns. If you do not have a gift receipt, they only accept two returns in a year, and those returns must be under $20 USD.

Suffice it to say that most of the people we received gifts from did not include a gift receipt. There are a few items we can potentially sell on eBay, but most of it we’re going to give away. In the next few days, I’ll take pictures of the current inhabitants of our dining room (which is now fully stocked with swag) for your perusal. Some of the items there are just things we no longer have room for or need (like a nice oscillating fan or some bar stools), and some are duplicate gifts.

At any rate, we finished using our gift cards for Target and will not be returning there… pretty much ever. If you are ever registering for gifts, I recommend somewhere else. Like Bed, Bath & Beyond. When we returned items there, it went very smoothly, and they were quite helpful and friendly. Our apartment has been largely refurnished (well, kind of) and rearranged (very much so), and I’m really happy with it (pictures forthcoming after the housewarming party this weekend).

I’ll write more happy things, hopefully one entry a day, but I don’t want to inundate people with text on my first day returning to blogging. I should receive the photos from the wedding tomorrow, so hopefully I can get them online this weekend (there are over 900!). I was planning on waiting until after we have the wedding photos to do the honeymoon photos, but we’ll see.

*Title suggested by April, so credit goes to her 😉

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