I had this horrible, vivid dream last night. It was the early 1950s and April and I were traveling through Kansas. Our means of transportation (I was never clear if we were riding in a car, a train, or walking… it seemed to be all three at intervals) was attacked and we were kidnapped. Taken by train to a camp, we were forced into roles of manual labour (I was washing clothes, mostly) to serve those who had captured us.

The camp was run by a group of Nazis who had set up a secret camp in Nebraska (though I didn’t find out where we were until the end of the dream) after WWII ended. They were working to regain their strength and take down the United States from the inside, and needed slave labour to allow the rest of them to focus on training and their missions. By the end of the dream, April and I were emaciated from starvation and in a relatively weakened state. The dream ended with those of us who had been captured and interred at the camp conducting a secret meeting. We were working on a plan to overthrow the Nazis and escape when one of them found us. He knocked me unconscious and April sprung up, drawing a sword and plunging it into him. It was understood at this point that she was to lead the revolt.

And I woke up. You know, I’ve been trying (rather unsuccessfully) to lose weight for a while, and I intend to start biking this summer and really working to drop about 30+ pounds. But after that dream, I so appreciate my weight and appearance. I’m healthy, and not starving, and so very blessed by God.

I’ve never really thought about it before… even after seeing the pictures, and reading the history, and looking at exhibits… but I forget about the Holocaust. I forget what happened to those people, the misery they experienced, and as a society we seem to have completely moved on. We talk about the latest gossip out of Hollywood, but we ignore events in the relatively recent past because… we just don’t like to think about it.

We need to confront these fears and events. Not just of history or things that have happened in our past, but things going on around us. Little things in our day-to-day lives that we ignore because it’s easier and “safer.” Chances are, if we don’t, they’ll come at us in our dreams and plague us by day.

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