Terrorists are people too

I’m not sure how I feel about the most recent actions of Hamas. The Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were starving, without fuel or medicine, and had been under siege for months. And yet it is a terrorist organization that has given them a temporary reprieve so that the hungry might eat again and the sick might be tended.

What they did was a good thing, and President Mubarak [of Egypt] was honourable in allowing the Palestinians to pass, shop, and greet old friends. The smugglers are out of work, and I feel a bit bad for them, but it’s good for the majority of the people…

But seriously, this is Hamas. They’ve bombed civilians in Israel and regularly fire rockets into residential areas. They’re self-professed terrorists working to bring down the Israeli state at all costs. They’re number 12 on our List of Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations. But in this situation, they’re the good guys.

As I was thinking about it yesterday, it once again drove home for the me the realization that even evil people (or would it be more accurate to call them people who perform evil acts?) are people too. They have hopes and dreams, families they love and want to protect, and often they have good intentions. They love and weep just as we, my friends, do. I neither justify nor approve of their response to their circumstances, but I cannot hate them. If anything, I pity the situation in which they have been thrust. I am sorry they feel their actions are necessary.

And I have to recognize when they have done a good thing. Good in the name of evil is still good, just as evil in the name of good is still evil… but they have done a good thing. Regardless of their terrorist status, I am glad they have helped these people and kept them from starving. I just pray that this action by them will not lead to more violence and deaths.

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