Partied out

Cody left this morning for Fullsail, but we’ve spent the last several nights celebrating his friendship. It’s weird… he’s probably going to be back over Spring Break, so it’s not like we’re never going to see him again, but it was still a powerful, momentous thing. It’s the ending of an era. Of my group of five guy friends–Shawn, Cody, Wilson, Mike, and myself–there are only two of us left. Two who played D&D in junior high, two that still hang out and talk. Cody’s still part of the group, but he’ll probably never live in Springfield again. After graduating, he’ll get a job at some big computer animation company and live in New York or Chicago or California or Florida.

I’m so proud of him, and so happy for him, but it’s weird to think of Cody not being around any more. We’ve known each other for.. .what, 11 years now? We’ve been playing D&D for about 9. We’ve hung out at least once a week (except for a few cancellations) for the last five years. No more.

April and I have had some sort of social event the last four nights now, I think… I don’t really remember what was going on Saturday night,* maybe nothing, but we definitely had things going on the other three nights. We’re pretty tired, and I’ve still got small group tonight and I’m speaking at FnC (which has a new website) tomorrow night. Wednesday night, I’m putting a bunch of stuff in the car so I can take it to The Kitchen on Thursday for donation. My next big event will be Saturday, when I drive to KC to spend some time with my new brother(s)-in-law and play board games. Should be a lot of fun.

Still, I’m looking forward to resting again… maybe over Spring Break.

*PS (6:03 p.m. 2008-01-28): April has just informed me that we were hosting a going-away/LAN party in Cody’s honour on Saturday night. Somehow, it had slipped my mind… I blame the exhaustion.

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