Jacky, you can stop by anytime

For those of you who haven’t heard, SWMO’s been under a lovely blanket of ice that has kept our university closed for a solid two days now. It’s particularly nice because I spent Saturday and Sunday sick, so doubling the weekend is a real treat. Plus, we have next Monday off, so I get to follow a three-day week with a four-day week, and lots and lots of rest.

I spent some time staring fruitlessly at my sections and categories on the site for organizing my writing, and I’m still not satisfied. Still, considering I have so little of it (writing), there’s no point in doing anything further. I created and deleted and moved and re-arranged and, in the end, I still only have seven or eight pieces there. I pretty much suck. It has been five and a half months since I restored my website, but I’ve done next to no work besides get it in place and blog.

Not that blogging isn’t great and all, but I should be writing more. I put together a short story tonight, the beginning of a new character development, but it’s not great and it’s certainly not lengthy. Yet it exhausted the idea. Not the character–it spawned at least two more stories–but I couldn’t milk any more out of the scene.

I’ve made a worksheet of stories I want to do, and I’m going to keep adding to it and marking off finished pieces as I progress. Blog entries, poems, topics I want to research, stories, etc., they all go on the worksheet. Hopefully it doesn’t grow so large as to become discouraging. Right now, when I look at it, I see gumdrops and faeries and all good things.

I need to get cracking on schoolwork. My telecourse has a test in two weeks, I haven’t watched any of the lectures yet, and I’ve got another book to read for it still. But when the book is this enjoyable, it’s not really much of a strain. Why couldn’t more classes be about stuff we’re interested in? For that matter, why am I majoring in religious studies rather than modern & classical languages or mythology? The latter in particular still appeals to me for a graduate degree.

You know, it’s still early in the semester, but I already see light at the end of the tunnel. I think I’m going to be OK, and though I’m anxious for the end of the semester, I’m all kinds of hopeful. So many good things are going on right now that it’s easy to accept that good things will happen later also.

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