They’re a little something I like to call “Liberal Arts”

I was asked last night how I know so much. I guess four and a half years of a liberal arts education (you know, lots of history and foreign language and literature and such) has paid off. I replied that I’ve been in college… the sad part is that I’m still not really close to done.

Tonight, I’ll be watching lectures for the Hero & Quest class I am in, studying Arthurian Legend. Thankfully, it is something about which I am well-informed. I’m also going to start working on my new wiki, in which I will store notes for the book I’m (still) working on. I’m going to start researching the Middle Ages and those notes will go in there, as will notes about the land, the characters, religion and politics, geography, etc. It stores my work in a place where it can’t be destroyed by a fire, and it also lets me get to my notes from just about anywhere. Plus, it’s a new program/toy I can play with.

Hour and a half of overtime so far this week. Maybe I’ll get to come home early tomorrow.

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