I don’t think I can do it

I’ve been DMing (being the dungeon master for a game of Dungeons & Dragons) for around 7 years solid now, and I’ve been playing D&D for closer to 10 years. With Cody having moved to Florida, that puts our gaming group at 2 players and 1 DM, which just isn’t feasible for a good game, so I pretty much called it and decided not to run a game anymore. But I don’t know that I can do it. As I start to get back to work on my own creative projects, I think about how great they would be as a campaign setting. How I could get back to D&D the way it was when we  first started, before I bought the fancy campaign settings and we got the expansion books, back before everything got so complicated. Back to having one set of dice, some graph paper, a notebook, and our imaginations. No fancy pre-printed maps or campaign settings, no certificates and fake licenses, just straight-up, old school D&D.

It’d be a few months before I can be ready to start a new game with a new world, but I’m thinking about it. Maybe try and find some new/additional people to join in, run it either at Metagames or our apartment (which is feeling increasingly cramped), and just get back to basics. I just wish I knew people to invite (that I really liked). I don’t want to put an ad out and get some random person who’s a jerk, but the few people I know who game either already have a group or I don’t actually want to game with them. That or they’re too busy as it is.

We’ll see what happens, but I’m excited about the thoughts I’m developing regarding the world I’m building. It’s classic, but different, with some intriguing twists. I really need to get some more work done on it tonight or tomorrow night if things aren’t too busy, but I also need to start reading the next book for my mythology class, and my second block class starts next week. And there’s still work all day and FnC 3-4 nights a week. In the little off-time I have, it’s hard to force myself to sit down and do more work, however enjoyable it may be… I really look forward to this summer and dropping some of my current workload so I can work on other stuff that I’ve been wanting to do for years.

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