USB Mouse on FreeBSD

Since I’ve been getting a surprising amount of search hits on this topic, I thought I’d provide a general update on my FreeBSD status. First, like I said before, FreeBSD doesn’t like USB because, apparently, USB sucks. To get around the issues I was having, I simply had to move the USB devices to a different line than what the Ethernet port was on.

I’ve always defaulted to plugging the keyboard and mouse, in that order, right next to the Ethernet port because of some Dell machines we received a couple of years ago. There was a bug in their USB implementation that prevented mice and keyboards from working if they weren’t plugged in that order, but FreeBSD specifically would not load (during boot time) devices plugged in alongside the Ethernet port. Moving the keyboard and mouse to different USB ports did the trick.

More updates on FreeBSD when I get the time; right now I’m wholly consumed by my desire to get Confluence working right with our Active Directory server, and after providing me a glimmer of hope, it has taken a turn for the worst.

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