I apologize for the break in updates, and there’s another one forthcoming. My progress on Confluence has been stymied, though I don’t know yet whether this is because there’s something wrong with the product of which I am unaware or if it is due to my own incompetence. I’ve spent quite a few hours tinkering with it, making configuration changes, and restarting services, but all to no avail. I can’t get Confluence to secure logins through SSL, and I can’t get the web address to change from having server:portnumber to server/subdirectory. It always ends up being server:portnumber/subdirectory. At any rate, I’m going to zip up what I’ve got and send it to Atlassian for them to figure out.

In the meantime, I’ve been preparing for a conference I’m attending this week. I’ll also be speaking on Thursday, presenting the topic “Publications for Public Relations,” which is a fancy (and alliterative way!) of discussing web design, press releases, newsletters, and getting people to pay attention to them. I have no idea how it’ll go, and I’m a bit worried since our VP and Director will be there, but I’ve got years of public speaking experience and I know the topic pretty well, so I’m hopeful.

Back on Friday. I might give an update on HELIX then, and hopefully return to regular updates on Monday.

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