Anxious Blogging

I’ve got about three or four entries in my head to write, six if you count the other two blogs I update, but I haven’t done anything since last Wednesday. I left on Wednesday evening for a business conference at Tan-Tar-A Resort down at Lake of the Ozarks and haven’t gotten back to writing since then. What sort of frustrates me is the guilt I feel for not updating.

It has now been four days since my last blog entry, and I feel an immense amount of pressure to write. It’s not like I have some sort of contract to do this. I don’t make money off my site, so I’m not dependent on traffic. I don’t even have the vague commitment to “fans” that some bloggers might, because I don’t have fans. I don’t write about anything that’s significantly worthwhile. Except for on the tech blog, I guess, but even that is debatable.

But like so many others, there’s a pressure there to keep going once you start. To respond to the always-on nature of the internet by being always on. My freshman year of college, I got to a point where I would go to coffee shops without my cell phone, with with everything shut off, and such a disconnected hour was not only a relief and a privilege, but it was sickeningly uncommon. How pitiful that we reach a stage where turning our cell phone off becomes a luxury.

Nevertheless, I have plans to blog more this summer. The key, I believe, is to have a schedule and to stick to it. I haven’t yet figured out what my schedule will be, though… my problem is that I have a lot of topics on which I wish to write, but I don’t want them all in the same blog because then I end up with 2-4 entries a day. That’s too much for most people to bother reading, and if they don’t want to read about a particular topic, I don’t think they should have to. What I might do is have 3-5 separate blogs, all contained on my website, and then have those pour into a front-end blog so people can see it all if they want or subscribe to just an individual blog on the topic of their choice. That or use tagging and code something where people can select and save their preferences (or use RSS to subscribe) for just the categories they want to read.

Right now, I’ve got technology, personal updates, religion, and writing (which encompasses fiction, poetry, technique). I want to start another dealing with reading (book reviews, thoughts, LibraryThing, etc.). Potentially, that’s 5 blogs. Part of why I haven’t updated (and therefore feel the frustration mentioned above) is because I don’t want to inundate my readers with half a dozen entries, all on different topics. How should I organize and manage this? I have no idea.

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