What do you know about…

I want to spend a lot of time this summer reading about the Middle Ages and Nixon. There are so many assumptions made on these topics, so many stereotypes and wild rumours around… I want to know the truth. I want to read the real history of what the Church was like throughout the Dark Ages. Chesterton is beatifically optimistic while my atheist friends will blame the Church for all the evils in the world, with that 1000+ years as evidence that religion is the core failure of humanity. I suspect the truth lies somewhere in-between.

And Nixon… I think he’s gotten a bad rap. People in my generation don’t know much about him, except for a few sound bytes and some images. I’ve heard good and bad, but not the full story. Did you know that he idolized Kennedy? And that Kennedy pretty much brushed him off? Or maybe that, too, is just a rumour… I want to know for sure.

What’s going on in our world? What has happened here? And more to the point, when we ask these questions, why do we so often fail to find out the real answers?

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