A time for everything

Penny-Arcade had an awesome contest this week for some World of Warcraft trading cards. When I say “some,” I mean around $3-4000 worth of cards, 3 huge stacks of cardy goodness. The contest was to write a short story set in the World of Warcraft universe, but the story could only be 10 words long.

I was really excited about the idea and wanted to participate. It’s a challenge in understatement and clarity, and I thought it’d be a lot of fun. Sadly, I didn’t have time all week.

That’s not quite true. I had two hours on Wednesday night during which I could have written, but after the way my week had been going, I wasn’t in the mood to do more work, even if it was creative and enjoyable work. I didn’t have it in me, and so I was unable to submit any entries.

The cards would have been cool, but just participating would have been more fun. I anxiously await the end of the semester when I will be able to begin writing again.

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