Everything Old Is New Again

I have closed my old blogs and redesigned my website. My online presence is starting over, but I carry with me the lessons of the last four and a half years of blogging. Now that my internship at First & Calvary is coming to an end, I’m going to have a lot more time for writing, and so I intend to pick up where I left off two years ago. In addition to this blog, I have four others covering different topics, all crossposting to LiveJournal and Xanga equivalents, all integrated together.

From the About page:

SilverPen Pub is an amalgam of several ideas. There were five main topics on which I desired to write, but if I were to dump that all into a single blog, no one would bother to keep up with it. Secure in this knowledge, I opted to install WordPress-MU and grant each idea its own blog. Organizing the ideas in this manner allows people to subscribe to the information they want and not be bothered by what they don’t.

The dream behind this blog is to do what so many webcomic artists have and give away my content. Part of it is a simple curiosity whether the same can be done with writing that others do with art, but I also need an outlet. I have so many ideas and things I want to write, but motivation is hard to come by when I am putting words on a page that nobody will see. Taking those words out of a notebook and putting them into a blog grants me that motivation.

Lastly, I desire to establish and/or join a community of online writers, people with the same ideas or desires as myself, and my hope is that we can enrich and encourage each other through open sharing and collaboration on our work. I am sure that such a community exists in this wide, diverse world wide web of ours, I simply haven’t found it yet.

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