I’ve lost my voice

As I spent much of the weekend writing, I discovered that the words weren’t coming naturally. Especially on the more theological posts, I had things to say, but it felt like someone else was saying them. It was rusty and a little cliché, but by the third or fourth entry, the style began to come back to me. It has been so long since I’ve written regularly, I am no longer practiced at it, but I think my voice is going to come back quickly. Thankfully, it’s more like riding a bike than playing a violin.

I spent nearly all day Saturday working on my website, and was very excited when I finally finished it. Most of the blog-side work was done throughout last week, but Saturday saw the final uploads and configuration for the photo gallery, which was a surprisingly frustrating bit of work. There are some weird quirks with the ZenPhoto software, the most baffling of which concerned our wedding album. ZenPhoto uses folders and links case sensitively, so capitalization matters, and since I wanted the titles of the albums to be capitalized, the words in the link would be capitalized as well. That’s fine, and it worked nearly everywhere, except for the word “Wedding,” which was always spelled in lower case in the links for some unknown reason. This meant that some photos within that album were inaccessible and the random image at the top of the gallery wouldn’t work at all if it was attempting to draw from the wedding album.

Even more odd, the word “Weddings” worked just fine, as does my current title, “Much Ado About Weddings.” Once I got that fixed, I had to change the colour scheme, and discovered that the theme I was editing was rather poorly laid out which made colouring certain areas a bit frustrating. Still, it got done, and I’m really happy with the end result.

I’ll be writing about the process of setting up a website like this on my tech blog throughout this week and the next, focusing more on what issues one should consider when beginning a project like this rather than delving into the actual code (since I don’t do much with the code as a general rule, if I can help it). I won’t bore you all with the details, but if you’re interested, just head on over and subscribe 😉

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