School reading

What is it about a text being assigned for a class that makes it so undesirable to read? A book I might normally enjoy is poisoned by the prospect of having due dates and tests on the content, and I have great difficulty finding the motivation to even pick it up.

Right now, I’m in a class titled Hero & Quest in which we are studying Arthurian legend. We began with The Once and Future King, and I got through the first quarter of the book (because it’s actually four books bound together) without a problem. But by the third, I was dragging. We read Eric and Enide next, and I didn’t finish it. I haven’t even begun Tristram beyond reading some of the translator’s introduction, and I’m skeptical whether I’ll read any more before the final.

And I like Arthurian legend (though Chrétien de Troyes can be difficult to read, sometimes), but knowing there is a test coming just makes it unpalatable.

I haven’t read anything just for pleasure this entire semester, but I’ve got a number of books in my Amazon shopping cart that will hopefully be ordered and shipped within a week (once I get some more money in the checking account). Until then, my reading list is rather stagnant.

2 thoughts on “School reading

  1. Don’t forget your public libraries! You can read for free.

    I too find reading more enjoyable on my own time, even if it’s the same stuff I’d be reading for school anyway. I hope you get some time off over the summer.


  2. I love the libraries, but I read more slowly than I used to due to time constraints. When I was going through 3-4 books a week, the libraries were perfect. Now that I’m reading one book every month or two, buying is more reasonable, and it makes it easier to re-read later.


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