Week seems long! Sun rises in the east! News at 9!

Two nights ago, I had a dream that I slept all the way through Thursday and that it was Friday, blessed Friday, when I awoke. When I told April, she promptly pointed out that it was Wednesday.

And yet I still went through the entire day thinking it was Thursday and that today would be Friday and I would be done for the week. But nooo, because “reality” has to go in “chronological, linear time patterns.” I believe this is due to its complete and utter hatred for one Matthew Stublefield.

My week hasn’t been bad, by any means. I’m just tired and anxious for the weekend. I have a ton of fiction work I want to do on Saturday and I’m really excited about it. When I redesigned my website, I got rid of my wiki because, as cool and full-featured as Tikiwiki was, it still wasn’t simple/nice enough to just throw my thoughts at. It took too much formatting and work to really be comfortable just sitting down and mind-dumping into it. Maybe I’ll find something else before Saturday that would suffice better.

In super-positive news, the latest version of Ubuntu (and this one a Long-Term-Service release, no less) drops today o/ I’m stoked, and I’m also excited about a faculty member who is bringing her EEE PC by for me to try and get Ubuntu onto it. That should be a lot of fun.

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