2Wire FTL

I was so excited about getting my laptop all set up with Linux last week that, when I got home with it on Friday, I wanted to get it connected to our wireless network and transfer files and set everything up just the way I like it, etc. So I got the access key off the bottom of the 2Wire “Gateway” (which is a combination modem/router) that SBC foisted upon me years ago when I first got DSL, typed that key into my laptop, and watched the connection icon swirl futilely.

After a few frustrated minutes, I looked back at our modem/router/gateway. Rather than the three happy green lights I was used to, it kept flashing red and turning itself off. By the end of my fiddling with it, both the power and the broadband lights were solid red and I had managed to throttle an error message out of the curs’ed box.

Somehow, the firmware in the device had become corrupted, and because the 2Wires have no reset process, the only solution is to 1) Have AT&T replace it if it’s under warranty or 2) Buy a new one. Considering my gateway is almost four years old, I called AT&T on Saturday and bought a new one for the one-time-only low low price of my soul.

Amusingly enough, a Mediacom representative came to my door during this debacle to offer free setup for cable internet and whatnot. Even with this frustration with my gateway, it’s still better than Mediacom, so that made me feel a little better.

We’ll hopefully have the new gateway by Wednesday or Thursday. Until then, perhaps I’ll finally beat some of those XBox games I’ve been putting off. (Mass Effect was overcome yesterday and a second game was begun. Oh, the beauty of space opera!)

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