An Online Society

Due to a failure of our DSL gateway at home, a lack of internet connectivity is somewhat consuming my life right now. My wife, April, and I are at a Panera Bread so we can check email and I can write, and until this time we did not realize how much we had truly come to rely on the Internet.

When I first started a webserver, it was located in my bedroom, running Mandriva Linux 10.1 and built on pretty poor hardware. Whenever it went down, my website went down, and since the entire point of having a personal site was so I could reach my work/files from anywhere, this kind of defeated the purpose. So, I now use Bluehost, who have been fantastic, and no matter what is going on at home, I can reliably get to my files from anywhere.

The result of this is that I do all of my work over the internet. I develop work in my wiki ((I have since removed the wiki from this site, so this link to the wiki was likewise removed.)) , I do all of my writing inside WordPress, and I manage our finances through Google Documents. When faced with a blank page, I’m not entirely certain what to do with myself. When I can’t research whatever I want, whenever I want, I feel cut off and lost.

Rather than writing yesterday, I spent several hours thinking, developing a fantasy world in my head for a campaign setting I am working on (for tabletop roleplaying). But I couldn’t get up the motivation to write any of it down and then copy and paste that into my wiki later. I just didn’t feel like using OOo.

Because everything is on my website, I can get to my work from anywhere in the world, but that’s only if I have Internet access. The ironic part is that, while it’s accessible from anywhere, I couldn’t get to anything from home.  Without being able to go online, I was dead in the water.

I have no real commentary on the subject other than to point you to this.

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