God is Sovereign

For Christians, this simple fact should not be disputed, yet it is one we too often forget. We become so wrapped up in our lives, our dreams and desires, our fears and woes, and we lose sight of the throne of Jesus.

It would be easy to point out where our pride and ambition leads us to over-reliance in ourselves; where we become so comfortable in the world that we forget we need God. But that’s probably a lecture we’ve all heard, or at least thought of, before. If you attend church for a little while most anywhere, I imagine you’ll hear enough on the subject.

Rather, it seems that we are often forgetful of the other aspect of God’s sovereignty. That in our weakness, exhaustion, and fear, God is still supreme. That when all else has failed, he remains. When it seems like everything is going down the drain, God still has our lives in his hands.

The idea is comforting to me, to know that even with all the evil in the world, God can somehow made good of it. He is our LORD.

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