Like a truck in a tunnel

FedEx happened to deliver our new DSL modem while I was home for lunch yesterday, so I got it hooked up and working, much to my delight. Particularly exciting is that I installed the new version of Ubuntu on Friday, but had been unable to install any additional software or really configure anything like I wanted because we lacked an Internet connection. I’ve now reorganized all of my bookmarks, downloaded and installed all of the programs I wanted, and reconfigured WoW just how I like it. I feel at peace, like the satisfaction that follows a job well done or a puzzle completed. Everything is tidy and in its place, and I am at rest.

After finally finishing the re-setup around 8 p.m., I had dinner and returned to not doing the schoolwork I should be. This new book I picked up from the library last week is surprisingly good, and I have become immersed in the idea and world it presents. Also exciting is that I can now write from home once again, rather than having to take my laptop to a coffee shop or the church. Saturday should be a good fiction day 🙂

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