Inside Straight

As I have mentioned before, I don’t really like short stories, but Inside Straight, edited by George R.R. Martin, was simply fantastic. The novel is classified as a “mosaic,” a term I haven’t seen applied to books before, and is a collection of stories written by different authors, all contributing to a centralized purpose. Rather than a lose thematic tie, there was clear collaboration between the contributors, and each story, though written by a different person, furthered the overall plot of the book.

It seemed that one author in particular guided the work, as his stories comprised the majority of the book, but I was very impressed nonetheless. A mosaic method of book creation brings a refreshing variety of styles and viewpoints to the novel, and with a solid editor such as Martin, the concept shines. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in parallels to our modern day world, fantasy or scifi, or superheroes. Inside Straight is far more than a collection of short stories, so check it out.

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