Dragons of Spring Dawning

The final novel in the Chronicles Trilogy, Dragons of Spring Dawning, concludes both this war and the Companionship. The novel, much like the first two, leaves a great deal unsaid in an attempt to relate the story entire, and so it feels a bit rushed. A fourth book probably could have been written, spacing this one out and expanding on some of the scenes, particularly at the end. After the focus on character development in book two, this one seems to be trying to fit a great deal of story into too few pages, and so some of the characters are dropped almost entirely.

With a surprise conclusion, the novel is satisfying and certainly pulls readers into the next trilogy, which picks up about two years after Dragons of Spring Dawning, but the ending is rushed. Like too many other novels, the reader will reach a point in the book where they will notice how very much is left to be done and how very few pages remain, and they will know already that it will not be as satisfying as it might otherwise have been. Still, the insight into Tanis’s and Kitiara’s relationship, the reintroduction of Raistlin in the final hour, and the revelation of Fizban all make this a cornerstone novel to the DragonLance Saga.

Though the Chronicles trilogy were the first novels written in the DragonLance Saga, I still feel like they are more of a prelude than a beginning, and that the series does not begin in truth until the Legends trilogy. The Chronicles trilogy merely sets the stage for the world, and the play begins in full after the first battle against Takhisis is won. The war is far from over.

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