I Eat Poetry

After Parting
by Sara Teasdale

Oh, I have sown my love so wide
That he will find it everywhere;
It will awake him in the night,
It will enfold him in the air.

I set my shadow in his sight
And I have winged it with desire,
That it may be a cloud by day,
And in the night a shaft of fire.

When I first began considering the revision of my website and online presence, I questioned how involved I wanted to become in the online community. To build a strong relationship among bloggers, one must read and comment on the work of others if one wants to develop ties and gain readers of their own. It takes a lot of time and commitment, and I wasn’t sure I was interested for or capable of devoting such effort to this cause.

However, I did join a community on LiveJournal where people post poems they like, and have been gratified by doing so. It’s wonderful to constantly be receiving different poems with a wide variety of topics and styles, and they are almost all good because people only post the poems they really like. Moreover, unlike so many communities I have seen, these aren’t poems the posters have written (which often aren’t as good), but published works by fantastic authors. It has led me to authors I’ve never heard of, and I can easily mark individual poems I like for later perusal.

One of the most important things for a writer to do is to read. One cannot write good poetry, for instance, if one does not read good poetry, and so I find communities like this invaluable.

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