Week of Cody

Last January, Cody left us for Orlando, Florida so he could attend some crappy school to learn something completely worthless. This week, for one week only, he has returned.

I’ve been preparing for a couple of weeks now, buying the requisite books, planning a LAN party, making phone calls and scheduling people, etc. And I had hoped to get a set of stories together so they could go live this week, because I knew I’d be unable to write.

Then last week hit. I was able to keep up with writing, but I wasn’t able to get ahead. I couldn’t focus on Thursday night, and on Friday we went out for fondue with some people I work with, followed by a movie at church. Early on Saturday, April and I began the trip to Kansas City so we could attend my old friend Justin’s wedding, and immediately afterwards we went to an Asian Lawn Party with April’s brother, Adam. When we arrived back on Sunday, we had enough time to unload the car, eat, and sit for at least half an hour (maybe even a whole hour, I don’t recall) until I was required to put on my robe and wizard hat and do some role-playing at Dan’s. Suffice it to say that when I got home after 11 p.m. on Sunday, I elected to sleep rather than write.

So, it’s Tuesday, and still there are no new stories for this week. Last night, April and I went to see a house (more on that tomorrow), and then spent the rest of the evening looking up houses online. Tonight, I’m running a new game of Dungeons & Dragons (4th edition) in honour of Cody’s week back in Springfield. I’ll be hanging with Brenda tomorrow evening, and then throwing a LAN party for Cody on Thursday. I might write on Friday, but I might also spontaneously combust. Only time will tell.

One thought on “Week of Cody

  1. Wow, you too, eh? Maybe its just angst over the job, but I’m beginning to feel a little meltdownesque.

    I’m sure the writing will pick back up. You have the air of a man who accomplishes his goals.

    Have fun stormin’ the castle.


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