June 30 – July 4: This Week at SilverPen Publishing

I know that I haven’t gotten any stories done, but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to read at SilverPen Pub. If you’re looking for some books to check out from your local library, you could do worse than investigating the DragonLance Saga. I had two reviews go live this week, first on book 3 of the Legends trilogy, Test of the Twins. I followed that up with a review of Dragons of Summer Flame, possibly my favourite book in the Saga. Let me know what you think of the reviews (especially since I’m so new to reviewing and don’t really know what I’m doing), and I hope you check the books out sometime too.

I responded to Lorelle’s challenge today and wrote in the tech section about how my computer hardware and usage has changed over time. I think I’ll do a follow-up article next week about my experience and history with blogging, both on the hardware and software side. I’ll also have an article going live in the tech section next week about statistics gathering programs that display information about your visitors. Stay tuned.

Tonight, we’re having a LAN party at Metagames in honour of Cody’s week home, and tomorrow night April and I will be joining him at his parent’s house for a 4th of July party. I knew I was leaving that night open for something, and while I had assumed it was in anticipation of dying from exhaustion, it turns out it was because I had assumed a month or so ago that we would be having/attending some sort of party. Forethought is awesome, even when I forget that I thought forward.

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