That’s the new word for when I’m overloaded with topics to blog about and I just haven’t taken the time to write them all out yet. This week will see a lot of things scheduled out for the next… month? Yeah, I’ve probably got at least a month’s worth of material sitting on my desk, waiting to be written.

However, I did get a new story done over the weekend, or at least a journal entry from the point of Arias. He’s about to meet some very interesting characters, and I’m curious to see how the next section goes.

For better or worse, I have published an article comparing analytics programs for blogs. From my first solution of AWStats all the way up to the modern super-shinyness that is Woopra, I’ve tried a number of different stats programs over the years. Check out SilverPen Tech for the scoop on these different programs.

Following the Fourth of July celebration at Cody’s, April wrote a villanelle that is simply fantastic. You should check out her blog and leave a comment.

I’m at work right now and currently installing Fedora Core 9 in a virtual machine so I can test uPortal. I’ve been invited to join the Luminis committee and help construct the portal we’ll be using at Missouri State, so I’m gearing up for that. Hence the super-brief blog entry. I should probably write a review of Fedora, and UPortal, and blog about my Luminis experience… all in due time.


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