After the mass export/import process, I then converted a ton of categories to tags in order to reduce redundancy and the size of my sidebar. Overall, the process went smoothly, but it left me with a lot of uncategorized entries that had to be fixed manually. Thankfully, the process isn’t too arduous, so I already have it fixed, and it gave me the good opportunity to skim some old entries.

It also put me in the frame of mind to remember that I’ve written a fair amount of stuff in the past. Therefore, when faced with Lorelle’s challenge of the week, I realized that I could simply link to an older article I’d written that addresses her question without having to invest time in writing a response. Of course, I had to add a disclaimer to the entry, and go through to update some things and correct grammatical mistakes, but it was a pleasant realization that the work was already completed.

I am on vacation all next week and quite excited about it. Most of my time will hopefully be spent at the Mudhouse where I will drink copious amounts of coffee and write-write-write. I did some more research on self-publishing today because I’m finally going to start on a book next week, though I haven’t decided which. I have four options on the table.

  1. Somewhat auto-biographical work that seeks to relate my conversion from paganism to Christianity, my experience with withcraft, why I made the decisions I have, and how Christians can address witchcraft in America.
  2. Editing together a book from about a year’s worth of theological writings by me (mostly from my sophomore year), geared towards college students and addressing the struggles of incoming freshmen in addition to the problems college students often encounter throughout their undergrad (in regards to their faith).
  3. A discussion of spirituality in America and how “spirituality” is not good enough titled Reconnecting with Religion (subtitle to be decided).
  4. A book about the Ten Commandments, one commandment discussed per chapter, that attempts to relate the historical context and meaning of each commandment, its application in modern society, and to do so in modern, easy-to-understand language.

Of these four, which appeals most to you? Where do you think I should invest my energy next week?

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