Paving the road to hell

After succumbing to procrastination last night and deciding to play World of Warcraft rather than write, I thought, “Hey, I can write tomorrow night and still be publishing a story on Friday (thereby meeting my update schedule).” I had no idea what today would be like.

Meetings all morning until noon, grabbed some Chinese food to work through lunch, and had a ton of stuff to get done before leaving promptly at 5 p.m. Nine hours without a break other than to walk quickly to the student union so I could grab something to eat.

I don’t know if my brain will handle writing. It’s barely managing this blog entry.

Regardless, I slightly edited one of my favourite poems and posted that for your consumption. If I’m not getting a story up, at least I can do that much.

April and I are looking at houses with our Realtor tomorrow morning. I intend to spend a good portion of the afternoon writing the next story (Arias finally meets “the adventuring party!”) so I can set things up for next week. I’ll be doing a lot of writing on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, so I should be able to meet my goals and get a bit ahead.

But not tonight. Tonight, I need something brainless, like reading fantasy fiction or playing a game. And something to drink. And eat. And… my brain just quit on me.

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