Expect some delays

I finally got around to writing the next story in The Stormsworn Saga. It was a bit delayed because our weekend was 1) very relaxing and 2) surprisingly busy.

April and I started attending open houses (where a Realtor is at a house and it is open for just anyone to walk in and look around, ask questions, and check out the house) a few months ago, just for fun. We weren’t planning on buying anything until next spring because the lease on our apartment isn’t up until May, 2009.

Then we walked into a house I absolutely loved. It was too expensive, too big, and the utilities were ridiculous, but we got bit by the house-bug. We started looking more, and I thought I might go ahead and talk to a bank, see what our options might be.

So I visited my mom’s old boss, who is now a lending agent at Great Southern bank, and we discussed our (mine and April’s) financial state, what price of house were looking for, etc. The meeting was somewhat comical because when I told him what price of home we were considering, he practically laughed at me. “That’s all you want?” he asked, and showed me how very much money he was willing to give us. Of course, as these things tend to go, if I took that amount we’d be bankrupt in a year because we’d never be able to make the payments and still eat food. But his reaction was somewhat comforting. The payments were reasonable for the price of house we were considering.

When I told my mom that I was meeting with Dave to discuss a loan, she told me she was going to call Scott and refer us to him. I told her that we weren’t necessarily going to buy a house right now, but she thought it prudent to get the referral in now, and since Scott had been highly recommended to us (first by our pastor, and then by my mom who had apparently trained him back in the day), I acquiesced.

April had found a house online she wanted to look at, so we did. Then we got together with Scott and looked at some more houses. And then even more. All told, between open houses and what Scott has shown us, we’ve probably been to about 25 houses in the last few months.

But last Saturday, we found one we really liked. I’m not one to throw around words like “love” too freely, so I’ll avoid that term for now, but we really, really liked this house. It was a bit further from campus than we wanted, and not exactly what we were looking for, but at the same time it was almost perfect. And it had some features we hadn’t been looking for, but which were definite perks and, if we had thought about them in advance, we definitely would have had them on the “preferred” list of features.

We decided that it was a great house, easily the best we had seen (even compared to more expensive ones we’d visited) and that we wanted it. So, we bought it.

That’s still sinking in for me. Our closing won’t be until early September, at which time there will be a move-in party with a 6-foot sub sandwich. Housewarming party to follow on my birthday. I’ve been making calls pretty much all day to set up the home inspection and get my insurance agent out to take a look, rescheduling a meeting with a financial consultant, talking to our lending agent so I can meet with him later this week, going to our savings account and transferring money around… my vacation has certainly started with a bang.

To make a long story short, I was later getting today’s story up than I had intended. This won’t be the last time; my mind has been elsewhere 😉

If you’d like to see perhaps-too-detailed pictures of the house, there are some on my photo gallery I took so I could send them to my mom (who has been in real estate for probably 30 years now). Also so I could remember what the house looks like and gaze at them for long periods of time. April and I rode our bikes up there yesterday morning to discover that it will only be about a 15 minute ride to work (depending on traffic; might be a bit longer), and began making plans for finishing/remodeling the basement and what furniture we wanted to buy.

It’s all pretty exciting. Nothing’s definite and done until the closing in September, so if the home inspection turns up some really serious flaws in the foundation or something, this might all fall through. But we’re pretty hopeful; the house has been lovingly cared for and is in fantastic condition, and it has been completely updated as well. It’s 90 years old but, except for the styling, it looks almost brand new.

April and I will be in Branson with her parents pretty much all day tomorrow, so Wednesday’s story will be late in the day as well. Still, I’m hopeful that you will forgive me 😉

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