Don’t be afraid to pray humbly

Our church has a tradition where, most Sundays, the pastor asks for prayer requests. Though the statement is often made from the front to not be intimidated by the first requests offered, invariably those who speak up first are the ones requesting prayer for cancer victims, the families of the recently deceased, someone who just had a terrible car accident, or the like. It can be difficult to bring seemingly smaller requests forward.

Yet this morning, I felt the urge to call out three requests. First, that God help me to become a stronger servant. Second, that God help me to become a better husband. And third, that the Spirit remind us all that today is the day of salvation.

As I reflected upon these requests, I realized that it would be easy to misconstrue my motivation. April was out of town over the weekend, visiting her cousin, but her absence coupled with these requests might lead others to believe that we were having marriage difficulties. People might assume, since I was offering this request amidst all the other dire needs, that my need was equally dire.

And, in a sense, it is. Our walk with God is daily a life or death situation, but the truth is that mine and April’s relationship is fantastic. And one of the reasons we are doing well is because we are willing to talk openly with one another about the problems we encounter and to pray to God for assistance, even with the most seemingly minor of issues.

Of course, it doesn’t really matter what people think of you or your prayers. What matters is your relationship with God; if you and your significant other pursue first the Kingdom of God, everything else will fall into line. Just don’t fool yourself into thinking that you or your concerns are insignificant to the Father. I assure you, he loves you deeply and wants to hear from you about everything, literally. Don’t be afraid to talk to him and offer up all of your requests.

And when you begin to feel ashamed or weak, just remember: Today is the day of salvation.

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