One week

You may not have noticed a lull at SilverPen Publishing, but I certainly have. I’m up to three or four blog entries swirling around my head that I want to put on the Christian Newlyweds blog, I’ll have a book (that I’m reading) to review by probably later tonight, and while I haven’t thought much about what comes next in The Stormsworn Saga, I’d like to get back to writing a little fiction. In my defence, I did get some new (or, rather, old) poems up, as well as the tech article on Tuesday, but in general I’ve just been very non-writerly.

A week from today, we close on our house. “Close” is the housing-lingo for “place our signature on paper after paper that signifies the transfer of the house from the seller to the buyer and legally obligates the buyer to pay money for the house.” It’s also when we hand over the down payment and get the keys. In the meantime, I’ve been setting up everything for the move: getting the utilities taken care of, the phone transferred, ordering trash pickup service, etc. We’ve also gone and purchased the appliances and furniture we’ll need upon moving, and I’m taking next Friday off so I can be there when they deliver and install the new appliances.

On top of all this, last Monday (only 3 days ago now?) marked the beginning of the semester. Since my internship at FnC is over, I’m able to return to real classes that actually demand something of me. I only have one such class, a 300-level survey of Buddhism, but I imagine that it’s going to be quite a challenge. Monday and Tuesday of this week were each around 13-hour days, so last night I didn’t do anything but lie on the couch and read. Tonight, I hope to finish the book I’m currently reading so I can move on to Buddhism.

FnC, by the way, was really good on Tuesday. We’ve got a new worship team, and the two of them are such a huge blessing to us. I’m really excited to have them there, not least of which because I feel like it lets me off the hook in regards to leading worship. Not that I would have been terribly involved this year anyways, due to my busy schedule, but I would have felt more guilty for being less involved.

This semester’s going to be wild; I’m already anxious for it to be over. But on the bright side, September will be half gone before I realize it, I’m going to be so ridiculously busy in October that I won’t even notice it fly by, and then we’re in November (and Thanksgiving always surprises me when it comes around). Halfway through December, the semester’s over, and then it’s a whole new year.

Let’s hope I don’t acquire any more gray hairs before we ring it in.

One thought on “One week

  1. I COULD move back to Springfield. It is always on my mind. I do love that place… *sigh*
    You have gray hairs? Hmmm interesting. & I keep forgetting that you are just a youngin’. Golly.


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