• We have 510 books now (though I still have a few more, primarily textbooks, to add to the catalog).
  • The oldest book is 149 years old. The youngest was published in 2008.
  • We acquired 40 books this month (primarily at the book sale last Saturday at Well Fed Head).
  • Three of our books are only listed by one other person on LibraryThing.
  • I have read 236 of our books, and have 213 yet to read.
  • Fantasy Fiction is the largest genre in our library, accounting for 194 of our novels.
  • We have 11 Bibles, 2 of which are in Hebrew.
  • We have retained 23 of our textbooks (not counting the 10-20 I still need to add to the catalog later today).
  • So far, I’ve only done 1.5 bookshelves, and it has taken 9 boxes. I still have about 2.5-3 bookshelves to go.

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