It’s a “Jump” to Conclusions Mat!

I just read this comment on a blog talking about how Obama is smearing McCain on his stance towards immigration. The article is irrelevant, but the comment annoys me:

Posted by llz 07:01 AM, 09/28/2008
great job kevin your article is (w)right on the money. when liberals post angry comments you know someone is writing the truth.

No. All you know from “liberals posting angry comments” is that people (whom you think are liberals) are posting angry comments.

It doesn’t mean the article is true, it just means he made people angry, either because they disagree with his opinion or because he was lying. It doesn’t really matter which, I just find myself annoyed when a conclusion doesn’t follow from the evidence or statement.

I’m sure there’s some Latin term for that, but I don’t feel like looking it up. I think I’ll just call it “ignorant.”

One thought on “It’s a “Jump” to Conclusions Mat!

  1. I get really sick of the uninformed conclusions that are reached. I will be the first to admit that that I am comparatively uninformed, but that’s mostly because I don’t believe that you can really claim to know the truth or the stance of a candidate because of media slants. Also, the fact that once a candidate attains office they will change their stance anyway; not because they are foul politicians…but because they are suddenly faced with decisions, viewpoints, and new knowledge that they did not have going in. But I digress.

    Our doom as a country and society will be each individual’s belief that 1) they know more than anyone else and 2) that because of this they are right. Yes, politicians are, well, politicians. But the uninformed, over-opinionated American people are, well, idiots.


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