Getting Back Into the Groove

I have 4-5 book reviews, several relationship, and a few regular blog articles I’d like to write, and I think I’m going to do so on Saturday. I toyed with the idea of going to the Mudhouse to improve my concentration, but 1) I should get used to writing at home, 2) home is cheaper, and 3) home is awesome.

So, I’ll stay home, though I may use the laptop to write and sit in the living room instead of the office. April will be clothes shopping most of the day, so it’s a good time to write for hours and hours.

Nevertheless, anyone care to join me at some point during the day? Writing, drawing, etc; anything of the artistic nature is filled with goodness. I just need to get warmed up before November, and I should start warming as soon as possible.

One thought on “Getting Back Into the Groove

  1. i would come over, i really want to draw and stuff, i’m totally feeling like i might be creative maybe someday soon. but you live too damn far away. i’m going to blame it on you even though i am the one who moved. seems more fair that way.


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