Branch Closing – Requesting Your Prayers

I received an email from my mom earlier today that she has been notified that her job will be terminated as of November 28th “due to a reduction in force.” She lives in Denver, and the company’s Connecticut office has closed. They suspect the Denver one will as well.

This is the second round of layoffs there; the first was months ago, and we’d hoped that my mom, one of the newer employees there, was safe. Her performance is pretty awesome, and she made it through the first cut (even though she’s only been there for a couple of years), so we thought she was fine. But now, it looks like her office is closing, and she’s without a job in two weeks.

She has résumés out to various companies, and has gotten one call back. Please keep her in your prayers: that she find a job soon, that her co-workers do not suffer unduly, and that God protects and keeps her.

She’s 63 years old, and has an immense amount of experience in the field of real estate and corporate relocation, but with the economy and especially the job market the way it is right now, this is really horrible. God is sovereign, but please be praying for my mom.

One thought on “Branch Closing – Requesting Your Prayers

  1. I am very sorry to hear about your mom. Hope she is able to weather this storm as she has many others. We will pray that this all works out for the best.


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