Not dead yet

Update 11:52 a.m.:: Today’s project – Writing documentation for a portal that goes live on Monday, to which I only got access yesterday.

I figure I’ve gone through about half a dozen projects in the last three weeks, and every one of them has had a timeline of “Now.” For whatever reason, everything is high priority and extremely time sensitive, so I’ve been putting in some extra hours at work and really pushing myself to get everything done on time while maintaining high quality.

Thus far, I’m pretty happy with how everything is turning out. I have managed to get everything done, and the projects I’ve completed have come off swimmingly. Moreoever, I’m not as exhausted as I expected myself to be. I’m making it through.

But another 2-3 weeks of this and I’m going to start burning out. There have also been some personal projects that have fallen by the wayside, in addition to my annual review. Part of our annual development plan (ADP) is that we need to submit the highlights of our year, noting the things we want to get credit for in our evaluation. This ensures that our manager(s) don’t forget or overlook something, give us a low score, and tell us later they wish they’d known we had done X, Y, and/or Z. Unfortunately, due to the volume of work I do in conjunction with my verbosity, my review of what I’ve done in a year is rather lengthy and will probably take 6-8 hours to compile and compose. I just haven’t had time for that.

Hopefully on Monday I can get to it, because my ADP will probably come in late December and it would be best if I could get my side of the paperwork filed sooner rather than later. But I’ve been trying to work on this for two weeks now… who knows what next week will hold.

Tomorrow we are traveling to St. Louis to spend Thanksgiving with April’s mom’s side of the family, which should be enjoyable. I’m also excited that we’ll be coming back on Friday, giving me about two and a half days to chill and relax; my weekends have been crucial to maintaining my sanity throughout this period. I do have some homework to do, though: our Buddhism class requires either an essay or a creative project for the final, so I have elected to write a fictional epic poem. I like the idea I have for the poem and hope to write the first canto (I’m not sure what a properly Buddhist term for this would be) tonight.

Until then, I’ve got a ton of work to do. See you on the other side of the moon.

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