Maybe I can draw after all…

Hand Study

I can only recall twice that I’ve really attempted to draw in my life. The first time was when I was four years old, and I was trying to sketch the goose we had on our dining table place mats. The second time was in a junior high art class, when I spent three hours recreating a sketch out of a book that probably took the original artist a matter of minutes. I got a B.

As such, I’ve always claimed that I could easily mess up stick figures, and that I’m just a terrible artist in general. Any other time I’ve made attempts at drawing, I quit before getting very far because of how poorly it was going. Why waste time doing something I suck at?

But recently, I’ve been seriously entertaining the idea of making a web comic. I greatly admire and love web comics, and I would really enjoy expressing myself that way and creating one. I think it’d be a lot of fun, but how do you do a comic when you can’t draw?

I was considering trying to make a comic without art, and I still think it’s an interesting idea. Rather than drawing, it would be text describing what’s going on, with different fonts used for different locations, people, dialog, emotions, etc. I talked with a friend about how I might implement this, and I went so far as investigating making my own fonts, but as cool as the idea might be it just isn’t practical. You can’t convey with a change of font the breadth of emotion and setting that a facial expression can, and there just aren’t enough fonts available to capture the full range of human emotions, especially across multiple characters.

Determined, though, I decided to sit down yet again and find out if I can draw. I began with a couple sketches of someone sitting at a desk, but I couldn’t figure out how to render the character holding a pencil. Staring at my hand, I decided to give drawing that a go.

Click on the image above for more detail; it’s not inked, so it’s kind of light, and it’s obviously not that great, but it represents something phenomenal to me. It represents a possibility, as well as an individual overcoming their fear. Perhaps I can draw after all, but more importantly, I can try. And if I try, I can succeed.

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