Blogging about Communication

As some of you may be aware, SilverPen Pub has been around for a while. Despite its ostentatious name, it isn’t really anything more than my personal website where I throw whatever I want for posterity’s sake; a place to backup documents, share writing, and ramble about whatever I please. But as I continue to grow and change, this site continues to evolve, and in regards to content, I think I’m ready to take another baby step.

In the past, my blogging was simply a means of communication. It kept me in touch with a group of friends, and by interacting through LiveJournal and Xanga, we were able to keep up with each other more easily. Then my blog transformed into a collection of theological essays, where for the better part of a year I wrote something about religion, the Bible, or answered theological questions nearly every day. Once I got burnt out on that, I began to put all of my writing on the web: poetry, short stories, class essays, etc.

Transitioning from simply posting my writing on the web, I had the crazy idea of doing 100% of my writing through WordPress. I would publish items as I wrote them, with the goal of garnering feedback from readers to see what should be improved or changed. The problem with this is that it required too much linearity, and since I was working on uncompleted ideas without even an outline, it made that kind of rough. I recently decided to stop posting everything like that.

I’ve always wanted a theme for my site: some over-arching concept that pulls everything together. But finding such a theme was difficult, because I want to write about half a dozen different topics and the only unifying factor between them is that I’m doing the writing. As I climbed the stairs to our student union on campus, though, a surprising thought occurred to me.

Blogging has changed my life, just as it affects so many others, but it’s more than blogging. Simple communication is the key. Me talking to you, you responding, and the two of us sharing our thoughts and ideas with others. It will come as no surprise that a lot of people are uncomfortable with intimate communication, even if the subjects aren’t all that intimate, because they’re afraid to let people close or to show who they really are.

I’m fascinated by communication between people, particularly on the Web, and it is this fascination that influences most of my work anymore. In a year or two, I’ll be pursuing a Masters of Science in Administrative Studies with an emphasis in Communication, and I’ll probably try to write my thesis about the economics of social networking. Not how Facebook and MySpace are doing financially, but how the exchange of ideas brings value, and how people simply talking with others, forming relationships across the Internet, is directly contributing to those same people’s income.

So if I’m looking for a theme, and I love studying and writing about communication so much, maybe that should be my focus. At least for a while, so I can see how it goes. My core topics won’t really change, but I’m going to be doing a bit more research and come at things from that angle of communication.

Everyone uses their site, their clothes, their interests, and whatever else to communicate something about them. I want to look into this more deeply and talk about how we talk, why we say the things we do, and where we go from here.

I don’t know where it’ll lead me, but my curiosity will lead me along.

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