Collaborative Conversations

I first heard of this idea when my friends Steve and Ryan began cross-posting one anothers’ blog articles to their own respective websites. Though I had trouble at first understanding what was going on, it turned out that they (and one other person, if I have put the pieces together correctly) were undertaking to have a sort of conversation through their blog posts.

The goal of this “conversation” is more inspirational than focused on dialogue, and so the format goes like this:

  1. Someone picks a rather broad topic.
  2. Everyone writes essays that fall under that topic.
  3. Everyone cross-posts the other participants’ essays to their own site.

So rather than commenting on or responding to one another’s articles, this series of blog articles is more to force the writers a bit beyond their established zones of comfort and familiarity. With someone else setting the tone and topic, one might find themselves writing on subjects previously left untouched.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked Ryan if he would be interested in collaborating on a series of articles with me. He has been working on a new site design for SilverPen and the entire process has left me deep in thought about the value of design to the content creator. Out of these thoughts, I had ideas for about half a dozen articles, but they were all from my point of view and I really wanted to hear something from a designer living on the other side of the fence, so to speak.

Ryan instead suggested I join their conversation, soon to begin on the topic The Purpose, Power, and Presence of Design, and I agreed.

For the next few weeks at SilverPen, expect to see articles written not just by myself on the value of design, but by several other bloggers whom I respect and appreciate. I would encourage you to not just read their articles, but to visit their websites, browse around a bit, and subscribe to their RSS feeds.

And as always, don’t hesitate to join the conversation!

Table of Contents

  1. The Purpose, Power, and Presence of Design by Ryan Burrell
  2. Design Speaks Directly to the Soul by Matthew Stublefield
  3. Designing a Path to Identity by Steve Moore
  4. Poor Design Stymies Communication by Matthew Stublefield
  5. “It Takes All Kinds” or “Maybe You Can’t Design” by Matthew Stublefield
  6. Design as a Weapon by Ryan Burrell
  7. It’s The Thought That Counts by Matthew Stublefield
  8. Branding Emotionally by Matthew Stublefield

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