Remembering the Sabbath

After the furious update to SilverPen, I was finally able to sit down and take stock. My Saturday was rather full, but that was by design. I work full time (forty hours) during the week, and then add on six hours of class, two or three hours of college ministry attendance, and a few other obligations to pretty much fill my weekdays. As such, Saturdays are the only time for other work, so I spent the morning mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, and then working on my website with Ryan.

I’ve got twelve drafts saved here in WordPress with ideas that I’d really like to write blog entries about, and I considered doing that tomorrow morning before church. I’ve also got a scifi novel sitting in Scrivener, mocking me, that I’d really like to work on. So far I have finished a first draft of the first chapter for that book, which was promptly torn to shreds by my independent editor, as well as a revised outline for the story. Thought I did some writing during my music class last Monday night, I haven’t made much progress yet, and the temptation is strong to spend some time tomorrow working on chapter two.

In addition, there’s mopping, cleaning the office, and doing laundry so I actually have something to wear next week.

If I actually do everything I want to, however, Monday would come and I’d be exhausted. I would have spent this third weekend in a row doing stuff other than resting, and I can only take so much of that. The healthier and wiser option would be to force myself to sit, relax, and actually rest a bit.

It is unbelievably hard to turn down my projects, even for a day, because I know that I really won’t have time to work on anything again until next Saturday. I can get a few words in here and there, but writing at length during the week just can’t practically happen. There’s so much I want to do and accomplish, but I’m moving at a snail’s pace because I just don’t have the time.

Yet if I pushed myself any harder, I’d burn out, or at least break. I can’t work forever without rest, so taking time off tomorrow will actually improve my productivity in the long run.

Instead of writing tomorrow, I’ll read, or play games, or go for a walk. Probably all three. I was going to record a book review this weekend, and a podcast, and make some progress on two of the four books I’m writing, but it’s already past five in the evening and I’ve been working since around seven-thirty this morning.

It’s time for a break.

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