A quick Friday update

I normally schedule blog posts in advance so something can post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4:30 a.m. Central Standard Time, but I left today open. The hope had arisen that, with finals completed and a rather interesting week in the mix, I’d have something new to write about that would be more topical and relevant. Instead of sitting down to write before bed last night, though, I played Runebound for three hours with my brothers-in-law and then crashed into bed around 12:30 this morning.

As I wrote yesterday, I had been running off about four hours of sleep due to the tornado sirens and whatnot. And while I have a lot I’d like to write (I’ve got 17 drafts saved here in WordPress right now with ideas and partially finished entries), I won’t have any time for them until next week. April graduates from Missouri State University today with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, so my mom and her brothers came into town yesterday and April’s mother, father, and grandmother will be arriving today. My mom is here through Sunday, as is April’s brother Eric, so the weekend is pretty packed.

I’m hopeful that Eric and I (and whoever else wants to come) might go see Star Trek tomorrow.

But seriously guys, I’m so excited that the semester is over. Between college ministry and school, I’m reclaiming almost ten hours a week. Ten more hours to think and write and edit, bringing my total up to almost twenty a week!. Once my family reunion is over (May 24ish, IIRC) and we return from April’s graduation present (a weekend in Eureka Springs), I can really pound the ground and get something churned out. My goal is to have a book done by the end of July.

Hey, if you’ve read this post all the way through, tell me: what would you like to see at SilverPen this summer? Do you want more stories? More poems? More theological ramblings or historical essays? I want to work on and polish my videos so my book reviews are a bit better, but I’ve considered doing some other video stuff too. What are you, my dear friends, interested in? Let me know!

One thought on “A quick Friday update

  1. Please congratulate April on her degree. Wish things were different and we could enjoy the weekend with you and your extended family. Hope all are doing well and are happy. Again, Good job April. We are proud of you.

    Ernest and Shirley


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